Mirolli Srl is currently one of the few companies in Italy and uses the Waterjet water cleaning system for washing and removing dirt and scale from surfaces and equipment without corrosive effects. This technology exploits the strength and characteristics of water thanks to the combination of three factors: pressure, flow rate and temperature. The water jet is in fact precise, directional and constitutes an economic and environmental advantage compared to the disposal of residues deriving from chemical washing. The waterjet manufacturing process allows cleaning of metal surfaces in ATEX environments with a high risk of explosiveness. The waterget is mainly used for stripping off-shore and in the naval environment (such as oil rigs, bridges, hydro-demolition), for cleaning heat exchangers in power plants and in the food sector for cellar tanks. Only a maximum pressure of 2400 bar is used, thus eliminating the risk of grafting caused by abrasion during sandblasting. The water jet system is used above all for the maintenance, reclamation and cleaning of plants, for the cleaning of pipes and chimneys, for the reclamation of tanks and above all for the surface preparation of metals and surfaces for painting processes.