Sandblasting is a mechanical process by which the most superficial part of a material is eroded by abrasion due to a high pressure jet, directed towards the surface to be treated, with sand and air, metal grit or mineral metal abrasive. During sandblasting, the single grain of sand (or in any case of abrasive) is projected at high speed onto the surface to be cleaned. Despite the pressure of the air jet that carries the grain is not particularly high, the small size of the grain increases the specific pressure on the point of impact, detaching the layer to be removed and reducing it to dust. At this point the grain, deviated by the impact, moves away from the sandblasted object in one or more pieces. Its use allows to thoroughly clean a surface of incrustations and residues or to obtain a finish that ensures a good anchorage for subsequent treatments. Dry blasting, therefore, is one of the preferred methods for preparing the piece for the subsequent painting or application of anticorrosive products and can be performed both in open spaces and in specially dedicated booths. Thanks to this dual possibility we are able to offer our customers sandblasting operations at external sites.